TrendyMinds is a digital agency based in Indianapolis and Denver. They create meaningful digital experiences for enterprise clients and theirs. Through strategic creative and technology, they streamline their clients’ brand presence across all channels to drive success. To constantly adapt and deliver the best Web Design & Development, Advertising & PR, Video & Animation and Digital Marketing services possible, they collaborate, always focusing on building and maintaining thoughtful relationships with their clients—so they can do the same with theirs.

531 East Market Street | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 8,300

Employee Count: 37

Year of Buildout: 2012


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Craft Construction

Architect / Interiors: N/A

Furniture: Steelcase


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

Each piece of furniture was picked and placed precisely, urging our team members to pull up a chair or pop a squat on the padded, wheeled filing cabinets at each desk. Our meeting spaces are designed with comfortable furniture as well—from couches to high-backed chairs with adjustable backs, we can focus on the hard tasks at hand, not the hard furniture.

While we collaborate in different ways in our meeting rooms, kitchen, bar and on the rooftop deck, we also know that our team thrives on connecting digitally, not just in an open, physical office space. After all, we’re a digital agency.

Because almost a quarter of our team works remotely across the country, including in Colorado, Michigan, Florida and North Carolina, we’re dedicated to minimizing the distance between everyone with relevant, easily accessible technology. We use Slack to quickly communicate about work, and integrations with Giphy allow for an aspect of play as well. By opening up chat channels that focus on specific clients, specialties (e.g., email, sales, design), events (e.g., softball, Breakfast Club) or humor (e.g., overheard in office), we’ve streamlined work-oriented and recreational conversations around the office for local and remote team members.

We utilize Google Hangouts and other tech for video calls, which truly enables face-to-face meetings while in different locations. The office speaker system offers another level of connectivity and collaboration—at any time, anyone can “commandeer” the speakers and play music directly from Spotify on his or her personal laptop.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

While we’re here every day and get used to what we see, we’ve heard one thing resound above the rest from our guests: the fact that the old mixes with the new in one open space. Original, worn brick walls from the 1920’s still stand tall next to on-brand walls of muted blue-gray and bold orange paint. The new staircase rises in one direction while the black scuff marks of the old staircase ascend the brick wall in another, creating an intersecting “X” of the present and past. This mesh of historic and modern design evokes the most comments from our guests more than any other aspect of the space.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

We say on our homepage that we “step into the journey with your customers,” and to be successful in that endeavor, we know we have to get to know our customers first. That’s where our office comes into play.

Sure, it’s a place to work, but it’s also a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to meet guests face-to-face for the first time. We invite them into our exposed-brick foyer that showcases a staircase of boxy yet sleek wooden steps. Moving throughout the office, we’ll take our guests to one of three relaxing meeting rooms, all set up with the latest smart TV technology. Whether sliding into couches or chairs, it’s easy to sink into conversation in these rooms, all with elements of the TrendyMinds color palette highlighted throughout. To serve our clients best by being collaborative—a core tenet of our brand—comfort is a must.

Each room has a name—whether you’re in Timbers (the bar), Plate (the kitchen) or Blueprint (one of three meeting rooms). As a marketing agency, we wanted to convey our creativity in this simple way, branding each room with a unique name. An homage to the building’s history as a local carpenters union, the rooms’ names say much more than may initially meet the eye. In every space, our executive team hand picked furniture and every tile, carpet and paint color to match the mood—Blueprint is a brainstorming room with whiteboards, markers and a horseshoe couch so guests can face one another while tossing ideas back-and-forth.

Our office space is special to us. It maintains strong ties to pieces of our local heritage while creating an atmosphere that promotes our brand promise to collaborate with clients.

How does your space engage your employee base?

We’re team members here, not just employees. To make sure we come together as a team, we offer a number of activities in different rooms.

Plate is where we chat around the coffee and espresso machine, grabbing dose after dose of caffeine, but it’s also home to Breakfast Club, a weekly Friday event where we take turns cooking up gourmet breakfast for the TrendyMinds crew. Breakfast burritos anyone?

Timbers, our bar, holds Hump Day Happy Hour every Wednesday. Cocktails, craft beers and wine galore (with a two drink maximum) stand ready to toast a client victory!

The rooftop deck, complete with a full kitchen, gas grill, tables, reclining chaise lounges and umbrellas to hide the summer sun, is home to Meat Mondays. It’s exactly what it sounds like: we grill meat on Mondays for the company from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But it’s not just for food. Our team members are encouraged to take their laptops to the roof and soak in the sun while they work.

These spaces make up a vital part of who we are and how we treat each other. For us, a happy team is a solid team; it’s as simple as that.