Telamon provides solutions for telecommunication networks, business process outsourcing, and industrial assembly. Our mission is to be a load-bearing support for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

1000 E. 116th Street | Carmel, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 27,000

Employee Count: 300

Year of Buildout: 2018


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Capitol Construction

Architect / Interiors: Axis Architecture + Interiors

Furniture: RJE Business Interiors


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

Two social break areas sit atop one another. Connected by a stairwell, they thread the first and second floors together. In addition to establishing a connection between the two stories, each social area also provides a sense of flow. For example, the second-floor social area is situated between two workstation areas, serving as a meeting spot with additional space to work. Employees can use the space for communication and collaboration, but also as a place to “escape” – a sense of respite.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

The portals to the social areas provide a sense of natural order. As you walk from the workspace and into the social area, you find yourself surrounded by natural elements – wood, water, color. Its linear feel sets you up for the following space and serves as a palette cleanser. The portals also “frame” the floor-to-ceiling murals on the first and second floors, drawing your eyes to their symbolism.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

Telamon believes in honesty, simplicity, harmony, and stewardship. To reflect these values and to honor the Taiwanese heritage of our company’s founder, the space includes a variety of natural elements. A moss wall and fish tank greet individuals as they walk into the second-floor social area.

To further celebrate Telamon’s history and Indiana roots, a mural weaves together a tulip tree – Indiana’s state tree – with a Taiwanese plum tree. And on the first floor, a mural depicts our core values by graphically incorporating the environmental characters for those words. By opening the space and removing cubicle walls, employees can see out to the treetops – almost as if they are part of nature itself. Wood elements, such as the square ceiling features and the social area portals, feel Zen.

How does your space engage your employee base?

Before the renovation, Telamon’s employees were highly siloed. Now, they have visual connections to each other, making it easier to communicate and collaborate. The ability to work together also embraces another of Telamon’s goals: harmony in all our relationships. No longer do employees have to meet in a conference room to converse.

Now, wooden ceiling features create a “social street” in the work area. Bookended by comfy furniture and a coffee bar, the “street” serves as a visual break from our desks, as well as a social one. It encourages us to get up, move around, and interact in a more natural manner. But if we need to focus, there’s space for that, too. Each “street” provides a handful of booths for focused work or private phone calls.