SmartIT provides integrated staffing and consulting services to Fortune 500 and mid-market clients across the country. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with operations in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; SmartIT has a workforce of professionals centralized in the Midwest and spanning 29 states. Proud to be named a “Best Places to Work” in both Cincinnati and Indianapolis; SmartIT is an organization which is passionate about its people and community, with core values that reside at the center of all decisions and interactions: Service. Mindfulness. Appreciation. Results. Trust.

6500 Technology center dr, suite 300 | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 23,000

Employee Count: 250+

Year of Buildout: 2015


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Cushman & Wakefield

Architect / Interiors: MB Designs

Furniture: OfficeWorks


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

People are the hallmark of our business, so it’s no surprise that our office space was specifically designed to address the needs of our employees and guests. From the floor to ceiling windows around the office that offer natural light, to our breakroom, which boasts a ping-pong table, snack counter, and beer fridge, this office design provides an innovative workspace for our valued employees. We have several thoughtfully arranged seating areas throughout our space that offer the opportunity for collaboration and one-on-one engagement, private “phone booths” where employees can be heads down to deliver results and semi-private; open concept seating for connecting with peers and encouraging team interaction. Employees are relaxed yet they work with a sense of urgency to generate results for our clients, candidates, and communities. The ability to move around a unique and innovative space helps generate fresh ideas, so whether an emplo yee is working from their desk, walking on a treadmill, meeting in a conference room, working on a couch, or even if they head outdoors to the patio for some fresh air, SmartIT has a WIFI accessible space for everyone to accomplish their tasks.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

Clients, employees, and community members alike find amusement in the names we selected for our conference rooms. Each space, typically used for meetings and small group collaboration, are named after a music artist or band but with a clever twist. Our IT/music inspired rooms include: LinkedIn Park, Agile Lovett, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cache, Flock of SQLs, Run MVC, and Hack Sabbath. Some visitors even snap a photo in front of their favorite conference room before leaving the office.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

For employees to feel a part of a company’s brand, they must first be immersed in its every element. Our office floors, walls, couches, and even ceilings, reflect the SmartIT brand. Our colors can be seen in the woven geometric patterns of the carpeted floors, covering the high walls and dyed into the upholstered furniture. The ceiling has colorful shapes hanging above the cubicles, creating a modern and playful look throughout the space. 

Professional yet easygoing is one way to describe the SmartIT culture and brand. We want employees, clients, and guests, to feel confident in our ability to achieve results, while being laid back enough to engage in a casual conversation.

How does your space engage your employee base?

SmartIT is an innovative and progressive company. Whether it’s our collaborative workspaces for small groups to generate results, or our small “phone booths” that allow for anyone to make business calls without disturbing others, this office has an area for every type of worker. Many employees take the opportunity to utilize the gym in the office throughout the day as well. Whether its yoga on Thursdays or a group T25 workout, employees appreciate having this amenity available for them to take a break and sweat it out. 

Our breakroom space also gives us the opportunity to hold company events, including service activities like building bikes for the Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville, or Town Hall meetings throughout the year for company training and updates. From pot luck lunches to pie day (just because), the breakroom has an open concept that encourages employees to hang out and fully enjoy the workday.