Sigma Tau Gamma is a national collegiate fraternity founded in 1920 by veterans of the First World War to be a Fraternity of courageous and noble gentlemen who always endeavor forward. Its members dedicate themselves to a set of six Principles: Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Citizenship, and Brotherhood. As the national headquarters, we serve collegiate men on 85 campuses with educational programming, professional and leadership development, and a lifetime of brotherhood. We are in the business of building trusting relationships and offering long-term support.

8741 Founders Road  | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 12,447

Employee Count: 16

Year of Buildout: 2018


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Capitol Construction Services, Inc

Architect / Interiors: DKGR Architectural Design Studio

Furniture: Commercial Office Environments


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

Our Headquarters is comprised of three companies, The Fraternity, The Sigma Tau Gamma Foundation, and the WPN Housing Company. Our space was planned with cooperation and different working styles in mind. The open, contemporary design maximizes efficiency. This innovative space drives teamwork through the integration of both open office spaces, as well as closed-door offices. We have a variety of small, medium and a large conference and meeting spaces with multiple connectivity components. Each is equipped with Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and white boards that allow a place for teams to gather, connect, solve problems and create the next best idea. This allows departmental and cross-departmental conversation to occur anywhere in the building in a location fit for brainstorming at a moment’s notice. The open and modern concept is what fosters quick conversations, nimble decision making and review of ideas and execution. All of this let’s team members provide a quality experience for all of our undergraduates, alumni, and partners.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

The core of the design speaks to the history of the organization, connecting it with a modern, fresh feel. Even a quick stroll through the building exemplifies the intention of carrying our rich history as we nod to the past but look forward to the possibilities of the future. There is a dedicated museum to showcase the Fraternity’s rich history and preserve Sig Tau artifacts, memorabilia, and archives. Our nearly 100-year history would not have been possible without our courageous and determined Founders. To honor this, there are pieces in the new building that recognize and pay tribute to the history of the Fraternity. For example, the fireplace where our 17 Founders gathered in 1920 at a boarding house at 101 Ming Street to establish the beloved Fraternity, has remained intact, and now is placed in its new home at 8741 Founders Road.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

We put a lot of thought into the design of our space. Every color, finish, material and shape was intentional. The most recognizable marks of the organization are the Shield logo, inside sitting a simple chevron; and the Coat of Arms. Even on the outside, our brand is displayed; the Principles that guide our organization line the outside windows, the Fraternity’s logo, the Shield, is proudly displayed on the front of the building, and the traditional Coat of Arms is mounted outside the front door. The Shield and chevron are marks seen throughout the building. The navy carpet carries the chevron throughout the building, and accent walls have wallpaper that is a design comprised of Shield outlines. To highlight the brand, each office space has the logo placed on the glass sliding doors. As you walk through the building, you are taken on a self-guided tour of the almost 100-year history of the brand including the transformation of different badges, pins, and printed materials including the SAGA Magazine, our national publication.

How does your space engage your employee base?

Our space fosters a free environment for our employees to do the hard work, collaborate, relax and brainstorm, and interact with one another in a social environment. This space allows each team to be more accessible to one another for both work and play. Everyone’s personal work area reflects their passions, personality, and spirit. The building provides couches to lounge and relax, and a Social Hub to gather for food, coffee, and company.