Schott Design is commercial interior design firm focused on bringing their clients the maximum return on their investment. Schott Design focuses on their clients goals, attracting and retaining employees, and creating an aesthetically pleasing space that promotes productivity. Our business minded approach places objectives and budgetary constraints on the table ensuring alignment from the very beginning and certifying success for your project.

450 E 96th st, suite 175 | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 2,779

Employee Count: 17

Year of Buildout: 2014


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Duke Construction

Architect / Interiors: Schott Design

Furniture: OfficeWorks


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

When designing our new office, we wanted everyone in the office to have the option of visual connectivity to each another, to ensure maximum teamwork and collaboration. We accomplished this goal by lowering workstation walls and utilizing a smaller overall workstation footprint. This allows new employees continuous and seamless access to mentorship from more experienced designers and a strong feeling of unity and team. We also focused heavily on flexibility. We wanted all team members to be very mobile and free to work from a variety of spaces. People can choose from their dedicated workspace, focus rooms, or the collaborative hub of the office, dependent upon the type of work being accomplished and their individual personality. We also incorporated mobile tables throughout the office to function as a landing area for design solutions in-progress and a place for impromptu meetings.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

When you enter the Schott office, you step directly into the collaborative hub of the office. It’s a space that oozes with creativity and continuously inspires our team members. Our designers are constantly pushed to develop new ideas, and doing so in a space that feels bright, open and fun helps keep the creative juices flowing. The collaborative hub also houses our café and design library, so we gather for meeting of all kinds here. We interface with clients, strategize as a team, take breaks to relax and gather to learn all in this versatile and inviting space.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

Schott is an expert in space, and we used our own process of designing and planning to implement strategies that we discuss with our clients. An important part of our job is to be on the forefront of design solutions so we can consult with our clients in the most informed manner possible. “Walking the talk” with our own space shows our clients that we are modern thinkers but always with an eye toward the business goals at hand. For example, the smaller workstations and shared spaces allowed us to move to a better location since our RSF went down, helping us attract and retain the next generation of designers and put our best foot forward with our clients. Our space also illustrates Schott’s ability to create a top notch space without a big budget, which we are known for in the market.

How does your space engage your employee base?

Most importantly, we wanted the office to be a perk for all employees. While we allow and encourage flexibility, we also value our time in the office together as a team. With this in mind, encouraging people to spend time working in the office is a continuous goal. To support well-being and a connection to the larger environment, all workstations share the natural light from the exterior windows. Music can be heard throughout the office, and each staff member has an opportunity to be the DJ. You will always find people brainstorming and collaborating in our collaborative hub, and at any time of day, you will overhear people engaged in work discussions and personal interactions, seamlessly interwoven in our casual, welcoming and professional atmosphere.