Raygun Workshop is a "thought studio" that brings design-thinking to the identity, messaging, web, ui/ux and space-making of emerging brands.

600 E Carmel dr | carmel, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 160

Employee Count: 2

Year of Buildout: 2016


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Raygun Workshop

Architect / Interiors: Raygun Workshop

Furniture: Herman Miller


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

We believe that thoughtful spaces aren't simply purchased; they're lovingly crafted. The design of our first studio was born out of functionality and being "on-brand". Obviously, much of our productivity is based upon proximity within a small space. Instead of pushing our work stations against empty walls, we face one another for easy collaboration. We also built a pass-through partition, which was modeled after the Bivi by Turnstone. This provides semi-privacy, as well as shared storage. Each workstation is also fitted with a charging station for phones, as well as tablets.

One corner of our office has a mounted glass board (not a fan of idea paint or messy white boards) for ideation and tasks, which we gather around often. All office supplies are housed inside of a single Craftsman tool chest and cabinet in a limited edition matte black. After weeks of researching and curating this discontinued ensemble, it now organizes our shared office supplies, stationary, drafting tools, art supplies and even files within a total footprint of only 24” x 18”. A matte black industrial shelving unit holds stored supplies within marked banker boxes with our coffee station nested in the center.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

The “raygun" is simply a playful metaphor for a powerful brand. Raygun Workshop is a place where these powerful tools are created. To extend this metaphor we display a collection of vintage ray guns; some produced by notable art studios and others dating back to the 1930’s. All of them have an interesting history or cultural reference behind them.

This modern mid-century sci-fi theme is extended in the 1950’s ice cream parlor table bases that are workstations rest upon. These were acquired at a yard sale, grinded down to the raw aluminum and bead-blasted for a soft texture, complimenting our aluminum apple devices. Each work surface is a generous 15 square feet of pressed and sealed MDF.

Throughout our space we've subtly applied our corporate color, which is a bright coral, within accents, decor and signage.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

A primary value for our studio is to be genuine, which we demand of our clients. There’s no faking what we do, and we don't wish to hide it. While most of our office suite neighbors keep their doors shut and their blinds down, we chose to keep our door open and remove the blinds completely. With a knocked-out frosted vinyl panel on our hallway window with a centered acrylic logo, passersby can peer into our space and observe our work and our studio’s playful theme.

A secondary value is being an “outlier” studio. We are unapologetically unconventional, and this theme permeates our space within our re-purposed objects, hand-made pieces and carefully curated elements.

The gut-reaction we want others to have about our space is that we are playfully intentional with the work of our hands and culture of our space.

How does your space engage your employee base?

We’ve attempted to cultivate a certain quality of life and atmosphere we prefer to work within. We intend to maintain this as we continue to hire talented creatives and strategists.

We surround ourselves with coffee, which we treat as a sacrament. No Keurigs allowed. Rather, we purchase only top-shelf beans, and utilize a quality grinder, hot kettle and french press to create a hand-crafted experience that has become our morning ritual. While the water is boiling or the coffee/tea is steeping, we enjoy a good window of catching up before digging into the day's agenda.

We surround ourselves with natural light, choosing a space with a wall-sized window. For this reason we are able to keep the soul-sucking fluorescent lights turned off.

We surround ourselves with music with our shared tastes normally hanging between My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes and Johnny Cash.

We surround ourselves with inspiration, hanging artful statements that inspire us to be brave, adventurous and ourselves.

The best part of our space, as we scale and grow, is that we can take it all with us.