MilesHerndon is a branding, design, and marketing firm located in Downtown Indianapolis. Their focus is holistic, brand-centric engagements where they can help impact each organization in a meaningful way.

55 Monument circle, Suite 1300 | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 5,000

Employee Count: 16

Year of Buildout: 2015


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Compass Commercial Construction

Architect / Interiors: Parallel Design Group

Furniture: Variety


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

We’ve expanded this space twice since our original build-out. Each expansion has been about providing additional space for our team, and making more sense of the space we have. With the design and layout of our new space, we're able to compartmentalize departments of our business which allows us to gain maximum functionality of our team without too much isolation between different departments. Circle Tower is a nearly 90-year-old building, and the original spaces were for individual offices. Parallel Design Group helped us transform our space into a more open, collaborative space. Our new east wing has created a space that brings all of our creative and development team members together in one collaborative and highly functional space. The flow from one area to another makes sense, and is open and inviting.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

The modern adaptation of a very old building is unforgettable. The contrast of the original marble, terrazzo floors, and 1920’s doors, mixed with the clean lines of the new walls, pops of color, and interesting lighting provide an unexpected experience in the context of an older building.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

We are a holistic branding agency. The clarity of how our team is positioned actually helps us describe how we deliver on the work we do for our clients. Providing unexpected vignettes throughout our space has created areas to meet, brainstorm, concept, code, design, and present ideas that embody the ways we like to work. It’s a space that encourages visitors to engage with our team, and to experience our brand on a more meaningful level.

How does your space engage your employee base?

By having an open environment, that is still logically compartmentalized, our staff is able to connect with one another easily without sacrificing the opportunity to be more focused when needed. Our team loves the panoramic Monument Circle and other downtown views, as well as the lounge, complete with a ping pong table. The new creative department space has given our team open room to collaborate, while still feeling like a cozy place to work.