Innovatemap is a digital product agency that helps companies of all sizes dream, design, and deliver winning digital products and services. We fill critical gaps in the market through excellence in product management, product design, product marketing, and product brand. Whether it’s a start-up creating its first pitch deck, a scale-up strengthening their product’s user experience, or an enterprise introducing technology into their core business, Innovatemap delivers essential tech services for Indiana’s business ecosystem.

1002 Broad Ripple Avenue, Suite 201  | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 6,200

Employee Count: 20

Year of Buildout: 2013


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Kort Builders

Architect / Interiors: DKGR

Furniture: Office Works


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

Every room in our office has been intentionally designed to support different modes of work for the Innovatemap team. For internal working time, our breakout rooms feature floor-to-ceiling whiteboards and Apple TVs to encourage collaboration and free flowing ideas. For all-team meetings, the entire 2nd floor has an open, welcoming setup with “campfires” sprinkled around the office, designed to bring groups together and foster conversation. When we’re putting on ideation workshops with clients, our 3rd floor space has one of the largest whiteboard walls in Indiana to ensure that every idea, no matter how seemingly outrageous, is captured and documented. And when it comes time to present client work, our meeting rooms offer bright, comfortable, private rooms where our clients can feel at home and truly focus on the deliverable at hand.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

“Wait, where are your desks?”

When you first get off the elevator at Innovatemap and turn the corner, we often get the question - where are your desks? The answer is simple: we don’t have them. 

There isn’t a single project that comes through the doors at Innovatemap that has only one set of eyes on it. Everything we do is discussed, changed, rediscussed, challenged, and improved, and desks would only get in our way. It may not always be the most convenient, but it forces us to communicate, collaborate, and connect with one another as opposed to one work station. This means that, in our office, its easy to find a quiet place, but its hard to hide.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

Innovatemap partners with clients and deeply values relationships. So much of our brand is striking that balance between delivering premium work while still fostering meaningful relationships, and our space was designed to reflect that balance. Here’s what that means. 

On the premium side, we have a prime-time location and signage. We have wall-to-wall windows that brighten up the space and allow us to take in the sights of bustling Broad Ripple Ave. There are 80-inch LED TVs in every room that are used to project and collaborate on deliverables. 

On the relationship side, we strive to create a comfortable home base. Many rooms purposely resemble your living room to make our clients feel at home here. Our main floor is called The Village, complete with our “kitchen table” where the whole team meets every Monday morning, and where you’ll never be hurting for company. It’s also the first thing that clients see when they round the corner, so we’re able to greet them with a table full of smiling faces.

How does your space engage your employee base?

If you need to collaborate or have a laugh, head to The Village. If you need to go heads down and enjoy some peace and quiet, head to any one of our meeting rooms. If it’s Friday at 2 p.m., you can always find someone to enjoy a beer with you from our locally sourced Sun King keg. Our office was purposefully designed to embrace every aspect of the ever-changing work week, because we know that no two days are ever going to look the same here, so why should our workspace? Whatever your day entails, our office will happily provide whatever you need to succeed.

*bonus: we have a the highest rooftop patio in Broad Ripple, which allows our team to get some fresh air while admiring our Indy neighborhood.