From their apartment communities to the way they run their company, their business is family. Glick is all about people and they are convinced people, and their communities, are worth investing in. They built their first apartment community in 1962 and by the mid 1970's the business focused solely on multi-family housing development and management. Their company's reputation was built on their founder's commitment to integrity, quality construction, excellent service, and superbly maintained communities. Today, they are one of the largest privately held real estate management and development firms in the US with more than 20,000 units in 12 states.

8801 river crossing blvd, suite 200 | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 24,000

Employee Count: 90

Year of Buildout: 2016


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Kort Builders

Architect / Interiors: Schott Design

Furniture: OfficeWorks and Business Furniture


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

The new Glick corporate headquarters has a thoughtful design to increase collaboration by offering a warm and inviting space for our employees to gather both formally and informally. The open floor plan provides a comfortable flow that employees feel relaxed in and guests can navigate easily.

We invested a substantial amount in technology to provide optimal connectivity and an improved user experience to our employees. We wanted everyone to have the capability to be efficient both at their workstation and in our collaborative areas, such as conference rooms and huddle spaces. With wireless internet and large touch screens throughout the office, our employees can work anywhere that fits their needs. We also made a significant investment and added a standing desk in every workstation and office to provide our team members with a flexible working environment. 

Another addition is our robust training room that hosts employees from our sites in 12 different states for onboarding training and ongoing training opportunities. Our room can be divided into three sections or one large section allowing for us to provide individualized training experiences based on our needs that month. Each room is equipped with smart boards to enhance the training experience. 

In our previous space, one hindrance to productivity was the noise level and we knew we needed to solve for that in our design. The installation of sound masking has made an enormous impact on our employee’s ability to focus while at work. Conversations continue but are less disruptive to those who are focused in their workstations. 

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

By far, our favorite feature in our office is the view. The east side of our space sits on a beautiful 25-acre lake in Keystone at the Crossing. We capitalized on this scenic area by adding two outdoor balconies where employees can work and socialize in the warmer months. Our main conference room sits on the lake and has large windows providing ample, natural light and dramatic views that are complimented by all who visit. We also created a lakeside huddle space, so that employees who were not located in private offices could enjoy this beautiful, calming view. With lower workstation walls and glass front offices, the sunlight is shared throughout the space.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

In our design, we wanted to tell our story to show our rich 70-year history. We did this by taking the two longest walls in the office and installed museum-quality displays that are sleek and modern in design; one to narrate the Gene B. Glick Company history and the other focusing on The Glick Philanthropies. 

The history wall is comprised of photos and text to create a decade by decade story beginning in the 1940s. It showcases the company’s founding in 1947, the venture to build homes for returning veterans, the move into the multifamily industry and the current decade of expansion the company is in. 

The philanthropy wall showcases all the areas The Glick Philanthropies make an impact: education, arts and creative expression, need programs that alleviate human suffering, and self-sufficiency and job training. There is also a looped 5-minute video that provides a glimpse into the various philanthropic initiatives. 

We take great pride in where we work, live and play and we know that our history is something to be proud of. We wanted to show both internally and externally that we are a company that cares. 

How does your space engage your employee base?

One major difference between our new space and our old space is the quality of the work environment. Our new office is more appealing and our employees are excited to come to work because it is a space they are proud of. They love the new features, from the Freestyle coke machine to our technology options, to the world-class art that has been placed strategically throughout our office. The space offers opportunities for them to work more closely with each other with the use of our collaborative areas and this has made an impact on how our teams work together and engage each other.