Formstack is a growing tech company that provides online form building software for automating workflows, conducting surveys, planning events, processing payments, and collecting marketing leads. Founded in 2006, Formstack is celebrating 10 years in business this year. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis but has customers and employees around the globe. The current Formstack family is distributed, with 50 percent of its workforce living outside Indianapolis in regions across the United States, as well as Canada, Poland, and the Netherlands.

8604 Allisonville Road, suite 300 | Indianapolis, in

Company Facts

Square Footage: 6,401

Employee Count: 37 Indy office, 35 remote

Year of Buildout: 2013


Vendor Facts

General Contractor: Citimark

Architect / Interiors: Miranda Nicholson

Furniture: Poppin and Business Furniture


How does your space drive productivity, collaboration and connectivity?

Formstack’s office is mostly an open concept space, with shared work stations, an open kitchen in the middle of the office, and several comfortable breakout spaces for smaller meetings or video chats. No matter your work style, Formstack’s office space has you covered. It offers sitting desks, standing desks, couches, call rooms, and more. It also has two spaces with large screens and video equipment for bigger virtual meetings, including the company-wide Stack meeting that we hold each month.

What is the one thing that is unforgettable when someone walks through your space?

The most unforgettable aspect of Formstack’s office space is the unique wall decor. One wall includes a large display of license plates that represent the home states of the company’s remote workforce. Another wall is home to a wide assortment of mounted animal heads—including a unicorn, a dinosaur, and an alligator—that reflect our playful character.

How does your space tell your company’s story and reflect its brand?

The “Formstack green” paint on several of the office walls is the most obvious reflection of the Formstack brand. But beyond that, the space is a great representation of Formstack’s friendly, passionate, flexible, transparent, and fun brand personality. The awards on display near the front of the office remind us of the hard work that has been done and is still to come. The license plates on the wall tell the story of our many remote employees. The Ping-Pong table and bright, unusual decor show off our fun, quirky side. And the open concept and lack of assigned work stations encourage transparency, flexibility, and lending a helping hand.

How does your space engage your employee base?

Formstack has a unique culture that thrives on transparency, communication, and fun, and this is reflected heavily in our workspace. Bright colors and open air spaces inspire us to be positive and candid with each other. A large lunch space lets everyone eat together during our weekly Friday lunches. And most importantly, our Ping-Pong table encourages activity, laughs, and good old-fashioned team building during our daily games of Power Struggle (a contest Formstackers created that lets everyone play at once).